Friday, April 27, 2007

County Fare
These milk chocolate cayenne candied nuts are Sausalito based Coco Luxes' take on the county fair peanut. In addition to the chocolate, these peanuty snacks assault your tongue (and your messy fingers) with a trifecta of flavors including salt, cocoa powder and of course pepper. More gourmet than not, I hardly doubt this snack belongs aside caramel apples and funnel cake unless of course the county fair is in Sausalito.


K & S said...

mmm these sound delicious and definitely not something you would find at a county fair :)

The Chocolate Nerd said...

I want to try their 'block party" almonds.

darlene said...

hmmmm...Peanuts are the one nut that I despise, so this one doesn't appeal to me at all....However the caramel apples you mentioned do! LOL