Thursday, March 30, 2006

Maya Goodness
I was excited to find a brand new flavor from Haagen Dazs called Mayan Chocolate in my local supermarket freezer. According to the packaging, the sophisticated dark chocolate ice cream swirled with yummy fudge and cinnamon is: “Inspired by the original chocolate first created by ancient Mayans in 500 B.C.” It's great to see more and more brands respond to growing consumer interest in the history, production and taste of better chocolate. In the future, I hope to see Haagen Dazs phase out ingredients such as corn syrup, which unfortunately, this pint contains. Overall, the chocolate is rich and the cinnamon swirl adds a strong, almost espresso like complexity. I think it's quite nice although it would have been a more authentic experience if the ice cream actually contained chocolate from the Mayan region. Instead, it lists Dutched chocolate. I suppose the words “inspired by” are key here. Well, it’s the thought that counts and I'm sure the ancient ones would appreciate the shout out.

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