Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cuckoo for
Cocoa Bon

You can tell that Cali based Cocoa Bon takes chocolate seriously by the sophisticated look of their packaging. They forgo the ubiquitous paper and foil wrapping for a clean, portable tin. This attention to detail also applies to their chocolate. I enjoy the Dark Chocolate Gingersnap which for such a tiny morsel is packed with intense flavor. Most of the varieties such as the Dark Chocolate Mint and Chai Chocolate Caramel are relatively tasty, while the true star of the show is the Cocoa Bon 72--An unadulterated bitter sweet dark chocolate with a 72% cocoa content. What you get is cacao beans, pure cane sugar, soy lechitin and vanilla. The nickel sized confections are intense and robust and are sure to be a hit amongst the cocoa elite.


Cybele said...

Wow, those look insanely good.

Their website is pretty good looking too.

Coco_Drinker said...

I've tasted these and they are amazing. That much cocoa content and minimal bitterness. Good find CN!