Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chocolate Dispatch
This week The Chocolate Nerd is a bit overzealous as we just received yet another customized chocolate message! This time from Jersey based ABChocolates. I stumbled upon their website during my search for the Chocotelegram. And while I hate to break the news-- they claim their product is "the only fully customizable chocolate message product of its kind"-- the p
ackaging, down to the slide-lid wooden box and the vintage telegram stamped label looks strikingly farmilliar. While I must say that I do prefer the white chocolate contrast in their Scrabble-inspired letters (which come in milk or dark), it makes the message really pop! and go down a tad bit sweeter.


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Tom said...

Mmmm loving the customized chocolate and yeah I agree the white contrasts much better... Yum!