Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Head of the Game
Chocolate with philanthropic tie-in is always cool. NOTCOT,
one of my favorite design blogs, brought these to my attention. The box of endangered species- Mountain Gorilla, Pygmy Hippo and Koala Bear- as trophy mounts was designed by Kathleen Walsh and Anita Mothersbaugh for Walteria Living and produce proceeds for WSPA.


E.A. Aleksandroff, alias GT said...

I'm going to miss the hippo! Humans are stupid. There's a great T.S. Eliot poem comparing religion with hippos. I don't know though, I'd feel bad eating a koala trophy even if it was chocolate. Then again I'm a vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

Lesson of the day:
Koala Bears are extinct. It is called a KOALA. They are not bears.

Anonymous said...

"Early European settlers to Australia called the Koala the Native Bear, and the Koala is still sometimes called the Koala Bear"-wikipedia is a pretty decent source, anonymous!

Anonymous said...

So wikipedia and US citizens know better. Here's news from an Australian who does know. Koalas are NOT bears, and are called such only through ignorance (refer back to early european settlers). The other point is - they are not endangered.