Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kuchen Meister
Ironically, I found an absolutely divine rum cake in the Netherland Antillies made by Germans and flavored with Jamaican rum. Kuchen Meister's rum cake is super moist, chocolatey, melts in your mouth and is not at all too sweet. It's perfectly soaked in 3 percent Jamaican rum and is flavored with low-fat cocoa po
wder and delish chocolate chips. Let's just say, I've been downing it for breakfast for the past week or so. And for about $6, this cake easily trumps any of its $40 rivals. I'm so into it that I settled on it as my birthday cake, cleaned out the hotel giftshop's entire supply, and packed a few boxes for the flight home. Upon my return, I was delighted to find that they're available online and so of course I just had to stock up on a few more of these bad boys before the whole world catches on.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Girl Talk Tins
Hello Everyone,
I'd like to introduce Girl Talk, a line of scented candle tins produced by Bath&Body Works along with Slatkin & Co featuring witty illustrations by yours truly. They come in delicious fragrances from Pomegranate Martini to Salty Caramel Ice Cream and are birthday, wedding and girlfriend themed. The really cool part is that the illustrations are printed on removable magnets that look fab on the fridge! Woohoo. They're currently selling out at your local Bath & Body Works so get yours soon! If you're more into journals and note cards, then you may like these. Cheers! Best, Imani

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Posh Pops
I must admit, I've been intrigued by these patented pops since Adam Platt's review in NY Magazine. A whimsical invention from Chef David Burke of David Burke & Donatella, he serves the chocolate dipped cheesecake lollies with a side of bubble gum flavored whipped cream for dipping. The great news is they're available online at Neiman Marcus sans the cream of course. Aside from the fanciful array of delicious coatings, the best part about these has to be the portion friendly presentation.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Haute Hamper
Move over gift basket, for Mother's Day I've had my eyes on this ultra chic Laduree Couture Hamper from Harrods. Not only does it come with three fabulous chocolate bars designed by Sonia Rykiel, but along with a selection of delectable macaroons from the famed Parisian bakery Laduree. It's been awhile, bu
t if I remember correctly, they're nothing like anything you've ever tasted before. They're light and sticky, chewy and merenguey in all the right ways.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Luxe Candy Bars
It's as if Coco-Luxe foraged the dry snack bins at Whole Foods in search of chocolate enhancing treats: Birkenstock and sock donning health nuts may appreciate Happy Trails-- a dark chocolate, pumpkin seed and (salty?) goji berry bar. While Banana lovers may like Monkeying Around's milk chocolate and crunchy banana chips--it tastes sort of like chocolately banana bread and that's a good thing, although it's also a bit heavy on the salt? Overall, I prefer the Good Fortune--milk chocolate with crystallized ginger and bits of crunchy fortune cookie. It somehow reminds me of a gingery Twix. I would definitely eat this one again and would love it even more if there were more cookie bits involved...