Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Certifiably Delicious!
If you're vegan or just conscious about what goes into your tummy, you'll find that
Liz Lovely bakes a kick ass cookie. These super moist, four inch, certified vegan, organic and Fair Trade cookies are baked in Vermont with wholesome ingredients such as local well water and maple syrup. They're made without eggs, milk or animal byproducts and trust me, you won't even notice. The Chocolate Moose dragons are rich and fudgy and packed with chocolate chips and cacao nibs and sprinkled with cane sugar. The Goats a' Grazin are super soft yet hearty with rolled oats and raisins and taste way better than most. They came two to a bag and are carefully shipped with eco-friendly packing peanuts made of organic corn starch that totally broke down in tap water before my very eyes. I think I'm in love with Liz Lovely!