Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dylan’s Digs
Served up by the daughter of Ralph Lauren, Dylan's Candy Bar is a destination for those sweet on classic Americana. I stopped by on an afternoon jaunt through the Upper East Side to find the shop filled with fanny-packed tourists ooohing and aahhing over the selection of NYC taxi shaped cookies and chocolate Statue of Liberty keepsakes. Small children scoffed down gummy worms and begged to take home rock candy, peanut brittle, and licorice strings. Gigantic Wonkaesque lollies swirl in dizzying primary colors and Shirley Temple tunes blare from the speakers. I waited on line a cool five to ten minutes to make my purchase. But I’m a not bellyaching--this multi-flavored, 18 piece chocolate sampler makes for a great gift.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sweet Riot
Converse to subversive or violent outbursts of rebellion, Sweetriot appeals to those in favor of a more palatable progression. The socially conscious purveyors of dark chocolate covered cacao nibs push cultural awareness by educating consumers about their product's roots in Latin America, Africa and Asia. I devoured a full tin of the snackable contraband during a trip to the theater (the size is totally smuggable). My personal favorite is flavor 70--the perfect hint of espresso is added to the chocolate's tropical notes. Along with the nib's bitter crunch, it's quite an addictive combination. And if you're hungry for social change, I suggest a visit to their Social mission page to find out how you too can make some noise.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chocolate for Cool Chicks
Seattle based Chick Chocolates has developed flavors to appeal to your inner chick-- is she Strong, Extreme or Nutty? Incidentally, the Shag-esque diva on the Nutty Chick packaging literally speaks to me. Furthermore, in my textured world, the combination of smooth milk chocolate, crunchy almonds, and delicate toffee makes for both a satisfying chocolate experience and a poignant emotional analogy. The point is, exploring your inner chick is not only insightful, it also happens to be delicious. 100% of the proceeds from their latest addition, Survivor Chick, go to women's cancer research. You gotta love that.