Thursday, March 29, 2007

Discover Chocolate in Belize
This winter, Clay Gordon, author of Discover Chocolate (Gotham Books, October 2007) is leading a chocolate adventure in Belize. So far, the week long itinerary includes hands on activities such as harvesting cocoa, splitting pods and roasting and cleaning cocoa beans. There's also some snorkeling, a visit to Mayan ruins and a few parties.
You'll stay at the Cotton Tree Lodge, an eco-friendly jungle resort which is co-owned by a New York Metro Discover Chocolate Meetup member. For more info click here.


Darlene said...

Wow - How can I convince everyone that this is strictly an 'educational' trip that I absolutely must go on??

The Chocolate Nerd said...

Well, It's during the holidays so good luck! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks Imani for posting this information about my trip in December. I already have a few people signed up! While the trip will be educational it will also be A LOT of fun. Another thing everyone will be able to do is participate in making chocolate from dried cocoa beans that we will buy from the local cocoa co-op (that's a picture of it in the original post). Jeff from Cotton Tree tells me that the howler monkeys are back in their roost outside "The Jungle House" cabana. I am going back to Belize in May so stay tuned for more info.

:: Clay

Russell Maddicks said...

I just got back from Chauo in Venezuela and would recommend it to anybody interested in Choco-tourism... increible:

A did a blog about the trip with some nice photos: