Thursday, March 29, 2007

Discover Chocolate in Belize
This winter, Clay Gordon, author of Discover Chocolate (Gotham Books, October 2007) is leading a chocolate adventure in Belize. So far, the week long itinerary includes hands on activities such as harvesting cocoa, splitting pods and roasting and cleaning cocoa beans. There's also some snorkeling, a visit to Mayan ruins and a few parties.
You'll stay at the Cotton Tree Lodge, an eco-friendly jungle resort which is co-owned by a New York Metro Discover Chocolate Meetup member. For more info click here.


Darlene said...

Wow - How can I convince everyone that this is strictly an 'educational' trip that I absolutely must go on??

The Chocolate Nerd said...

Well, It's during the holidays so good luck! LOL

Clay Gordon said...

Thanks Imani for posting this information about my trip in December. I already have a few people signed up! While the trip will be educational it will also be A LOT of fun. Another thing everyone will be able to do is participate in making chocolate from dried cocoa beans that we will buy from the local cocoa co-op (that's a picture of it in the original post). Jeff from Cotton Tree tells me that the howler monkeys are back in their roost outside "The Jungle House" cabana. I am going back to Belize in May so stay tuned for more info.

:: Clay

Russell Maddicks said...

I just got back from Chauo in Venezuela and would recommend it to anybody interested in Choco-tourism... increible:

A did a blog about the trip with some nice photos: