Friday, March 31, 2006

Chic et Chocolat
When Vosges Haute Chocolat owner Katrina Markoff was studying at Le Cordon Bleu, in Paris, she spent time as an apprentice brewing up ‘chocolat chaud’ for the posh patrons of the Hotel Crillon. Fortunately for us, she brought her culinary expertise stateside and into to our homes. Her line of Couture Cocoa utilizes exotic ingredients such as lavender and lemon myrtle. I’m totally into La Parisienne, which is her authentic ‘chocolat chaud’. The superb quality pure dark chocolate and Tahitian vanilla bean laced cocoa mix is good enough to eat straight out of the box. And with a bit of know how, this couture cocoa transforms into a creamy, full bodied, heady cup of ‘chocolat chaud’ perfection. But I stress that this mix is not for the kitchen shy or cocoa slacker (the type that is happiest pouring hot water over instant powder) as just like true couture, god is in the details. I speak from experience. I’ve attempted the feat twice and taking a casual approach to preparation will end in disaster--i.e., unpleasant chunks of vanilla bean in your cup. Nevertheless, one sip of the properly prepared elixir and I instantly grew nostalgic for Paris so I shot over to Payard for croissants--I know, Lexington Avenue isn’t exactly Champs-Elysées but for now, it will have to do.

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The Meanie Face Dun said...

Wow! Now I have officially seen it all. And I thought I was a nerd...but you take the cake (ummm CHOCOLATE cake, of course). Yes indeedy, I am hating on your creativity. Mad, because I didn't think of it first.

But I must confess: I am not a big chocolate person. Why? Because it gives me a headache if I eat too much. Especially, those frenchy chocolates, too strong, tastes like medicine….yuck! (NH).

So, for being quicker than I...Here is some dosage of chocolaty hate. Bong!

Your's Truly,

The Meanie Face Dun!