Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mood Chocolate
by NewTree

While everyone seems to be buzzing about chocolates health benefits, the team at NewTree takes the concept to new heights. In addition to the natural minerals and antioxidants already present in their high content-73% Belgian dark chocolate, each bar, branded with its own concept: ie. Sexy, Vigor, Renew, Tranquility and Forgiveness, is infused with corresponding herbs and stimulants.The Sexy-Energizing bar is flavored with pungent pieces of ginger and contains guarana extract, which is often found in energy drinks and stimulates the central nervous system. The chocolate has a nice snap to it, and the dark chocolate and ginger combo has always been a favorite. I can’t say how extra sexy or energized I felt after indulging in a few pieces, but either way, I commend them for the concept and the nice, clean packaging.

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