Friday, August 11, 2006

New Zealand based Bloomsberry&CO is all about design, and chocolate of course. Their witty sensibility has led to international adulation among chocolate and packaging enthusiasts and those of us who enjoy a good chuckle. I first came across their Emergency Chocolate in a 2004 issue of Wallpaper*. Always curious to see what they’ll think of next, I was delighted to find their Chocoscopes--a brilliant astrological guide to chocolate consumption. Not only is it a double whammy ice breaker--you know the drill: "Hey, what’s your sign? Care for a piece of chocolate?" It also happens to be
astonishingly insightful. Check yours out:

-Eats the whole bar on the way home from the shop
Taurus-Loves good chocolate, especially if it is in expensive packaging
Gemini-Chooses their chocolate by taking a bite out of each piece
Cancer-Makes even the smallest bar last for at least a month
Leo-Likes to be in charge of dividing up the chocolate
Virgo-Cuts their chocolate with a knife and fork
Libra-Chooses two bars; one for themselves and one for you both to share
Scorpio-Loves to smear chocolate all over their partner, then lick it off
Sagittarius-Will only eat imported chocolate
Capricorn-Likes to be seen eating only the best and the most expensive chocolate
Aquarius-Loves chocolate-but likes to think they actually prefer carob health bars
Pisces-Shares their chocolate and forgets to leave some for themselves


K and S said...

this chocolate looks fun! the site has many cute labels too.

C... said...

Mine is pretty accurate.