Thursday, February 08, 2007

Everyone knows that really good things come in small packages. Inspired by gold, love, and all things opulent,
Cocoa Locoa's limited edition four piece LOVE box is the perfect gift for paramours on portion control. Handmade with passion by Brooklynite and former Vere Pastry Sous Chef Karalee LaRochelle, the box contains: Fools Gold--72% dark chocolate and Anejo Tequila, Heart Of Gold--liquid salted caramel, Gold Rush--72% dark chocolate, rasberries and Veuve Cliquot and Pure Gold--64% single origin Madagascan cacao. While the Heart Of Gold is my handsdown favorite (the center gushes with caramel made from rare Fireweed honey, sugar and cream and strikes the perfect balance between salty and sweet), each decadent bon bon is as rich as it is good looking.


GT said...

A few Gold Rushes and I'd pass out. Too bad it's not available here. Grandma sends us Lindt truffles around Christmas. Gone in 2 days, man...
This is my fave chocolate, but it's rather plain, just good Mexican chocolate. They had puzzles on the wrappers for a bit, those were cool.

Darlene said...

Okay, I know I said chocolate covered almonds are my favorite, but anything caramel is my favorite too. lol

I still have to try some really good dark chocolate.