Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kuchen Meister
Ironically, I found an absolutely divine rum cake in the Netherland Antillies made by Germans and flavored with Jamaican rum. Kuchen Meister's rum cake is super moist, chocolatey, melts in your mouth and is not at all too sweet. It's perfectly soaked in 3 percent Jamaican rum and is flavored with low-fat cocoa po
wder and delish chocolate chips. Let's just say, I've been downing it for breakfast for the past week or so. And for about $6, this cake easily trumps any of its $40 rivals. I'm so into it that I settled on it as my birthday cake, cleaned out the hotel giftshop's entire supply, and packed a few boxes for the flight home. Upon my return, I was delighted to find that they're available online and so of course I just had to stock up on a few more of these bad boys before the whole world catches on.


E.A. Aleksandroff, alias GT said...

your reaction reminds me of an awesome Valentines episode of a Japanese cooking show (unlike American ones, they're seriously dueling, and it's awesome).
Here's the link:
There are english subtitles. I'm more than halfway through and I can't decide who is better--both of these guys are artists.

The Chocolate Nerd said...

LOL Judge Matoba's credentials crack me up: "Judge Matoba, who eats cake for breakfast..." LOL that does make you an expert! I absolutely LOVE these Japanese Culinary Competitions. They're brilliant. ie. Iron Chef, I hadn't seen one for chocolate:) Thanks. I also dig Ninja Warrior--have you seen it? It comes on on G4 TV.