Saturday, June 02, 2007

Raising The Bar
This brilliant new line of designer chocolate from LaGrange 34 re-imagines the chocolate bar from a contemporary design approach. The line which features six different designs-the one laying flat is sculpted in the fashion of Turin's landscape- is born of an inspired collaboration between the old school Pasticceria Gertosio and the very current minds of the Jjuice Design studio. Props to those who can bring themselves to actually take a bite.


K and S said...

Wow! that is beautiful!

C... said...

Yummy and good to look at ... what a creation.

The Chocolate Nerd said...

I'm always in favor of collaborations. The right team works wonders.

Juliana Juice said...

Hello Everyone!
It's fun to see how far one's work can go.
A big "thank you" all for all the nice compliments and a special one for Imani who has kindly presented Lagrange34 on her beautiful blog.

New shapes should follow next fall.

Giuliana from Jjuice

Anonymous said...

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