Monday, February 11, 2008

Hog Heaven
NOTCOT just tipped me off to Fat Pig chocolate designed by The Brooklyn Brothers. Their website, like the witty packaging is lots of fun. I'm not sure if the chocolate is actually for sale, but if I succeed in getting my hands on it, I'll be happy to let you know if it's worth a pig out.
Update: The Brooklyn Brothers just sent some over and I literally am stuffing my face as I type. Nice chocolate! It's super creamy, quality milk chocolate and organic too. The bars are more substantial than I thought-- a weighty 3. oz each. Great job for a creative studio who just happened to try their hand at chocolate. Word is, it goes on sale this week here for $5.95 per bar in time for Valentine's--though I'd be cautious and gift to self-assured lady friends only!  


Anonymous said...

Cool. I've been seeing this on a few blogs. But don't those guys make commercials and stuff? At first I though it was some kind of Ad

Anonymous said...

Chocolate's chocolate, but the branding is what sets it apart for me. This looks so cool! I bet it's great!

Can I send you some chocolate to see what you think? If so, e-mail me ( and I'll get your details and drop some in the mail.