Tuesday, March 08, 2011

C Is For Cookie
so I've been totally obsessed with cookies as of late specifically Momofuku Milkbar's chocolate- chocolate variety. Also Vosges' Naga cookie is brilliant. Fans of the Vosges Naga chocolate bar know that the sublime combination between chocolate, coconut and curry is a winner. The soft, chocolate chip, coconut, curry cookie's base is cake-like pumpkin which really carries the spice well. The cookies are only available in store for now and the sales staff exhorts you to eat them asap. Not a problem! I don't have an image, mostly because I forget to take one, wrapped up in the moment I suppose. Here's an image via Munichbavaria.


Anonymous said...

I love Momofuku's compost cookie. The cornflake, marshmallow cookie is addictive too!

Jasmine said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing!