Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chocolate for Cool Chicks
Seattle based Chick Chocolates has developed flavors to appeal to your inner chick-- is she Strong, Extreme or Nutty? Incidentally, the Shag-esque diva on the Nutty Chick packaging literally speaks to me. Furthermore, in my textured world, the combination of smooth milk chocolate, crunchy almonds, and delicate toffee makes for both a satisfying chocolate experience and a poignant emotional analogy. The point is, exploring your inner chick is not only insightful, it also happens to be delicious. 100% of the proceeds from their latest addition, Survivor Chick, go to women's cancer research. You gotta love that.


C... said...

Yum. I will have to try these.

Darlene said...

ooohhh....chocolate for a good cause. I'm totally all about that, because it's not fattening that way. ;o)

Anonymous said...

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